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Direct integration

With WebinarGeek, you can organzie your (live) webinar to share your message with interested individuals. By integrating WebinarGeek with MailBlue, you can easily collect all registrations and ensure that the right information reaches the participants at the right time.

Simplify and automate your webinar processes by combining the strengths of WebinarGeek and MailBlue.

Easily reach a large audience.

A webinar is not only sustainable, but also more efficient than a physical event. It allows you to welcome a large audience and share your story. With a wider reach, you automatically increase your exposure and visibility, thereby growing your business!

Automate the lead-up to your webinar.

Once someone signs up for your webinar, you naturally want to keep them interested until the event. Use MailBlue’s automations to send your registrants a confirmation email, excite them for the webinar, and send a reminder with all the important information. All this while you only focus on the webinar itself.

Gain insights into viewing behavior

Integrate WebinarGeek with MailBlue and easily gather insights into the viewing behavior of your registrants by automatically tagging them. Then, use these tags in MailBlue to follow up personally with viewers and non-viewers.

Connect WebinarGeek with MailBlue

We understand that you want to share your knowledge and experience with a large audience, effectively. The integration between WebinarGeek and MailBlue helps you make your next webinar a resounding success.

👉 Automatically follow up registrations with a link to your webinar

👉 Keep participants informed at the desired times

👉 Gain insight into the viewing behavior of participants

You can also use one of the following third-party integrations to connect MailBlue with WebinarGeek: