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Sell more in less time

MailBlue CRM takes manual tasks off your hands and automates sales processes, allowing you to sell more with less effort. The software simplifies tracking customer information and follow-up tasks, enabling the sales team to focus on what they do best: selling. Whether it’s acquiring new customers or strengthening existing relationships, with MailBlue CRM, you achieve more sales success in less time.

Clarity and insight

No more searching through old emails, post-its, or cluttered sales systems. With MailBlue CRM, you keep all, and we mean all, data about your customers in one organized system. This means that a lead’s profile doesn’t just include personal information, but also tasks, email interactions, online activities, and much more.

Follow the lead!

You’re about to shape your customer journey, automatically follow up with contacts, and turn them into ambassadors. But where do you start, and based on which action do you set your contacts on their ‘journey’? Some people have downloaded an e-book, others have booked a free consultation, and yet another has subscribed to the newsletter. These individuals may have ended up on your email list with different expectations and needs. In that case, it’s important to meet those expectations through the right follow-up.

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Sales reporting

Receive a detailed overview of your sales performance with insights into the sales themselves, revenue, and trends.

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Win probability

Evaluate the likelihood of a successful deal, enabling you to allocate your resources more effectively and focus on the right leads.

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Marketing Automation

Automate your sales process, save time, and increase your success rate by presenting relevant campaigns at the right moment.

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Gain insight into your audience with segmentation based on demographics, behavior, and other criteria, allowing you to execute targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

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Lead Scoring

Automatically assign points to leads based on their behavior and characteristics, allowing you to better determine which leads are worth converting (the most effort).

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Notification emails

Send automatic notifications to your sales team to follow up on leads or take action, ensuring quick responses and not missing any opportunities.

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Automatic updates

Utilize automatic updates to keep your team informed at all times, ensuring every team member stays well-informed and collaboration is strengthened.

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Task assignment

Assign tasks to the right team members manually or automatically, optimize the workflow, and prevent tasks from being overlooked.

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Lead scoring for optimal insight.

With lead scoring, you can easily (and automatically) filter your most ‘warm’ and valuable leads. Because let’s be honest, before you spend money or invest your time, you’d prefer to know what you’re getting in return. Lead scoring makes this possible by assigning points based on actions and behavior. This way, you get a clear picture of which leads are most promising, allowing you to effectively and targetedly allocate your efforts.

Integrate your email system.

“But my team works with Gmail…” Fortunately, you can easily integrate email systems like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo with your MailBlue CRM. This way, all your notes and appointments stay intact, and you can manage all your data in one central place, even if you’re working with different systems.

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