Getting Started Guide

Well begun is half done.

Step 1: Basic settings

In this step, we’ll show you how to set up your default information and how to request a site tracking code. With site tracking, you can track the online behavior of your contacts and know exactly which pages they’re visiting.

Step 2: Forms

This step covers forms. You can easily create forms using the drag-and-drop system, allowing you to quickly collect contacts. We’ll also explain the difference between single and double opt-in.

Step 3: Import contacts

If you already have a contact list, you can easily import it into MailBlue. We’ll demonstrate how to do this using an example.

Step 4: Campaigns

In this step, we’ll show you how to create a campaign/email in MailBlue.

Step 5: Automations

In this step, we’ll show you how to create an automation in MailBlue. For the example, we’ll create an automation suitable for an online giveaway.

Step 6: Deliverability settings

Naturally, you want your emails to land in your target audience’s inbox. By taking a few small steps, we can improve the quality of your emails.

Step 7: Migrate to MailBlue

In this step, we help you transition to MailBlue from another email marketing software. This ensures that you’ve covered all bases and can start benefiting from MailBlue’s advantages right away.