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Effortlessly write personalized texts

Stumbling over a single sentence ten times or spending hours crafting your emails is a thing of the past. With AI, creating and perfecting texts is a matter of seconds. Once your text is written, refine it with additional options such as “shorten,” “lengthen,” or “simplify.” Incorporate keywords and have texts tailored specifically to your own tone of voice.

Automatically sent at the perfect moment.

With predictive sending, you automatically send email campaigns at the moment when contacts are most likely to open them. Within seconds, MailBlue automatically identifies the best suitable time for each individual contact. For example, Ali receives the campaign at 07:32 AM because he always reads his emails in the morning, while Nina receives it the same email at 12:34 PM because she often checks her mailbox during lunch. It’s perfect timing at its best!

Success in your sales process thanks to 'Win Probability'

Win Probability provides you with targeted information about converting your leads. Through a percentage field, it predicts the likelihood that your lead will actually become a customer. This allows the sales team to prioritize and focus on the ‘hottest’ deals. For example, a percentage like 64% is determined based on actions within the pipeline, how a contact was acquired, their current status, and even based on the email domain of a contact person. All possible influencing factors are taken into account and evaluated. Instead of dividing attention, sales can now be targeted. This pays off both literally and figuratively.

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