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€ 15,00 per month
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A Mailblue Lite plan is not available in combination with the Sales CRM add-on, or more than 2 additional users.
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Email Campaigns with drag & drop Emaildesigner
Marketing Automations
Chat & Email support
Inline forms
Site & Event tracking
API & webhooks
Including 1 user
Free access to the MailBlue Academy worth €997,-
Free onboarding starting from 25.000 contacts worth €499,-
Most popular
€ 9.00 per month
Billed rearly Billed monthly
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Everything in Lite
Landing page builder
Facebook Custom audiences & lead ads
Popup and modal forms
Conditional content
eCom integration for WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and more
eCommerce automations
Marketing revenue report
Content Generator BETA AI
Including 35 users
Sales automations
Pipeline, accounts & deal management
Task management & reporting
Free access to the MailBlue Academy worth €997,-
Free onboarding starting from 10.000 contacts worth €499,-
€ 15.00 per month
Billed rearly Billed monthly
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Everything in Plus
Predictive sending AI
A/B testing
Salesforce integration
Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration
Website notifications
Accounts / Organizations
Including 510 users
Verkoopbetrokkenheid automatiseringen &
1-op-1 e-mails
Win probability AI
Facebook Lead Ads
A/B test automations
Automation map
Free access to the MailBlue Academy worth €997,-
Free onboarding starting from 5.000 contacts worth €499,-
Get more out of your account with the following add-ons.
Get more out of your account Add-ons With add-ons, you can add extra functionalities to your account, allowing you to target your contacts more effectively.
Sales CRM
from € 36,58 per month
Billed rearly Billed monthly
Unlimited number of ‘pipelines’, accounts, and deals
Task management and reporting
Sales automations
Lead scoring
More information
Zapier integrations
from € 20,00 per month
Billed monthly
Integrate MailBlue with 850+ other applications
MailBlue takes care of, and sets up, your Zaps
Insight into your Zaps
Standard with 1.000 tasks p/m
More information
Add extra users (0)
from € 10,00 per user
Billed rearly Billed monthly
Work on the same projects and campaigns alongside one another
Different levels of access
Sharing knowledge and insights about customers, leads, campaigns and automations

Integrate your favorite tools to enrich customer profiles

Integrate external tools to add valuable data to customer profiles, allowing you to use your (email) marketing even more effectively.

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Extensive knowledge base

With our extensive knowledge base, we ensure that your questions about the software’s functionalities are addressed, allowing you to proceed smoothly!

Outstanding support

Our Support Team is here to assist you as quickly as possible, whether you have a subscription or a trial account and always within 24 hours

Personalized advice

Looking to enhance your email marketing? We’re here to help! Let’s brainstorm strategies or handle the execution together. Get in touch now!


Yes, a trial account comes with no obligations or costs. You can request a trial account without providing payment details.

Send us a message through our ticket form to request an extension of your trial account if you haven’t had the chance to test MailBlue. Of course, you can also switch to a paid account.

MailBlue is the Dutch partner of ActiveCampaign, which means we collaborate with ActiveCampaign to provide you with the most pleasant experience possible. Specifically, this means you can ask us anything about ActiveCampaign and that when you create your account with MailBlue, the entire management environment will be in Dutch. Besides that, the system is exactly the same as that of ActiveCampaign. Additionally, you can enjoy support in Dutch!

Click here if you want to switch from ActiveCampaign to MailBlue.

When choosing your subscription, you have the option to choose between an annual or monthly version. With a monthly subscription, your subscription is renewed monthly, while an annual subscription has a renewal once a year.

Although this might seem simple at first glance, there are some important things to know:

  • When renewing your subscription, you pay in advance for a month or a year.
  • It is always possible to downgrade, regardless of your subscription type.
  • If you downgrade midway, you do not receive a refund. The new amount will be applied at your next renewal. So, if you want to switch easily and benefit from the downgrade sooner, a monthly subscription is more convenient.
  • You can always upgrade, regardless of which version you have (including annual subscriptions). The upgrade is implemented immediately.
  • With an upgrade, what you’ve already paid and how many remaining days or months you have in your subscription period are always taken into account. For example, if your annual subscription renews on 01-01 and you upgrade on 01-10, the amount you’ve paid on 01-01, plus the number of remaining months, is accounted for. In this case, you pay for the remaining 3 months, with the amount you’ve already paid being taken into account. At the next renewal on 01-01, you then pay the full price for that subscription type for the coming year.
  • Annual subscriptions are cheaper than monthly subscriptions as a reward for the longer commitment and reduced flexibility.
  • If you want to switch from a monthly to an annual version, you can arrange this yourself via the customer portal.
  • Conversely (from annual to monthly) is (almost) not possible. If you want to switch to a monthly subscription for certain reasons, such as financial, you can submit this request to the Support Team. Only when you are in the last month of your annual subscription is it possible for the support team to change your annual version to a monthly subscription. The next month, your subscription will then renew as a monthly version.

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