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E-commerce combined with MailBlue is a match made in heaven. Easily integrate your webshop and be amazed by your customer retention, repeat purchases, and upsells.

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Easily generate new lead

Let MailBlue assist you in expanding your customer base through targeted newsletters and enticing offers. You can easily encourage newsletter sign-ups and reward customer loyalty, resulting in the growth of your customer base and increased conversions.

Focus on customer relationships and repeat purchases

Not only acquiring new leads but also building strong customer relationships is crucial for e-commerce success. MailBlue offers automated email flows that allow you to approach customers at the right time. Whether it’s following up on abandoned shopping carts or reactivating inactive customers, MailBlue helps you strengthen customer loyalty and generate repeat purchases. Without any effort on your part, you ensure that your brand doesn’t fade in the minds of contacts.

E-commerce automations for your business

How convenient would it be if your marketing activities were just carried out automatically, without you having to constantly monitor them? With MailBlue’s automations, this becomes a reality. Thanks to these automations, you can intelligently respond to your customers’ behavior without continuously sending emails or taking actions yourself. You can automatically send targeted emails based on various criteria, such as purchase history, viewed products, last order date, and more. Moreover, you can respond to potential customers who have placed products in their shopping cart but haven’t completed the purchase. With the integration of your website and other software, the possibilities are endless.

Easily automate the following touchpoints

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Sending reminders to people who haven’t completed their purchase to encourage them to complete their checkout.

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Inactive contacts

Reviving inactive contacts by sending them an email. Perhaps with a discount code for their next purchase.

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Upsell emails

Sending upsell emails to people who have previously made a purchase, featuring related products or services.

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Contact tagging

Labeling contacts based on their interests, so you can send them relevant content.

E-commerce website tracking image

Website tracking

Sending emails to people who visit your website. This allows you to highlight products they find interesting and encourage their purchases.

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Integrate your favorite tools

MailBlue offers seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. Additionally, it effortlessly integrates with popular payment services like Stripe and PayPal. Even if you’re using other software, you need not worry. With an extensive selection of over 850 potential integrations, virtually all conceivable connections are within reach. This allows you to collaborate effortlessly with your favorite software and efficiently share crucial data.

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