Personalizaton & segmentation

Don’t just reach for the masses, make your messages personal. Gather the right information and use it to make your marketing communications more powerful, relevant, and successful than ever before.

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Personalize and reap the benefits!

In a world full of stimuli, endless marketing channels, and advertisements, personalization is now more important than ever. It not only increases the engagement of your contacts but also significantly enhances the chances of conversion. By delivering tailor-made messages, customers feel understood and appreciated. This emphasizes individual needs and strengthens brand loyalty. Not only does this lead to a greater likelihood of making a purchase, but the collected data itself is also incredibly valuable. Just think about how much insight you can gain for your business by collecting all this customer information. This can not only improve your marketing but also your overall business strategy.

Segmentation within your automation

By enriching the profile of contacts with information, you gain the ability to segment. This allows you to target the purchase of a much more specific product, rather than the entire collection. Or customize the subject line to a version that is likely to resonate more with your contact. Sending specific email campaigns can be applied in your automations. You can use various start triggers, which initiate your automation or create a split based on collected data.

The advantage of tags

Within your MaliBlue system, it’s possible to automatically add or remove tags. If a contact completes purchase X, tag X is automatically added. If a contact forgets to complete their shopping cart checkout, a tag is added accordingly. If the shopping cart is eventually checked out, you can also automatically remove this tag. This automatic tagging and untagging provides real-time insight into the behavior of contacts and their most recent actions. With this insight into the data, you can utilize conditional content using tags. Conditional content allows you to show exactly what is interesting to your contacts. By leveraging this, you can send the same email to your list but display different content or images based on personal information. This way, you don’t have to create multiple email campaigns, yet you fully utilize the possibilities of personalization.

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