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What is site tracking exactly?

The term itself gives a clue; you “track” contacts on your website. In other words, you monitor them and gain insight into the so-called browsing and clicking behavior of contacts visiting your website. By understanding exactly what contacts are doing on your website, you can consistently provide them with what they are looking for. It’s optimization and personalization at its finest!

That dog owner doesn't need cat treats...

Imagine you manage an online pet store, and one of your contacts keeps visiting pages about dog products. Then you know you can tailor your content to the fact that this contact probably owns a dog. By using site tracking, data like this is automatically pushed to your contact’s profile. Everything becomes clear, allowing you to serve up exactly what your contact is looking for. So, leave those cat related items behind!

Surprisingly easy to set up.

MailBlue software is known for its user-friendliness. You don’t need an IT expert to set up your account. And when it comes to setting up site tracking, it’s just as straightforward. Within two clicks, you’ll find a code within your MailBlue account. Simply place this code in the footer of your website, and you’re good to go!

Powerful combination: Site Tracking + Lead Scoring

To make site tracking even more powerful, you can combine it with lead scoring. Lead scoring allows you to keep track of how engaged your contacts are using a point system. Visiting your website is an action for which you would definitely want to assign points.

With site tracking, each time a contact visits a page on your website, a registration is made. Visiting your website or a specific page can be set as a trigger for an automation. Within the automation, you can assign points for this action using lead scoring.

For example, if a contact visits your entire website or a specific product page a certain number of times, you can assume they are interested, and you can follow up with them (automatically) to increasing the chance of conversion.

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