Lead scoring - qualify and identify your most promising leads

A lead score is like a scoreboard for how much your contacts are getting involved with your business. Every time someone visits your website, opens an email from you, or fills out a form, their score goes up. It’s a super easy way to see at a quick glance who’s really into what you’re doing!

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Adding scores to your leads

With lead scoring, you can easily (and automatically) filter your most ‘warm’ and valuable leads, or potential customers. A lead, someone who shows interest in your product or service but is still in the early stages of the buying process. Such a contact isn’t yet ready to make a purchase. But how do you know when someone is ready to be approached?

By using lead scoring, you can assign or subtract points based on actions and behavior. You approach leads at the right time because the contact’s score indicates whether there’s a reason to engage with them yet.

When to add scores?

Subscribes to the newsletter

Opens an email / campaign

MailBlue lead scoring website image

Visits your website or landing page

MailBlue lead scoring trial image

Requests a trial

MailBlue lead scoring link image

Clicks on a link (in an email)

MailBlue lead scoring social media image

Follows you on social media

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Books a discovery call

MailBlue lead scoring download image

Requests / downloads your freebie

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Optimize time management

You can use lead scoring to align your marketing activities, but also to streamline your sales team’s workflow. Lead scoring enables them to utilize their time more effectively, ensuring they don’t waste energy or focus. Through lead scoring, they know exactly which potential customers take priority.

Lead scoring & automations

When a contact reaches a certain score you can trigger an automation. For example, you can automatically send notification emails so your sales team receives an email when a certain score is reached. You can also assign specific tasks. By following up with leads ready for conversion at the right moment and providing them with the information they need in their customer journey, you can offer them an irresistible offer and see your conversion rates soar!

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