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Are you a fan of MailBlue and want to earn from recommending our system to your network? Then the MailBlue Affiliate Program is for you! Sign up now and start promoting today.

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Our Affiliate Program

As a MailBlue Affiliate, you’ll be promoting our software to your network. You choose a form of promotion that suits you and your audience. Whether you prefer working online or prefer speaking to your network personally, as long as you can share your unique affiliate link with them. If someone becomes a MailBlue user based on your recommendation, and thus through your affiliate link, you’ll receive 35% commission over the 12 subscription months!


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How does it work?

Sign up: Register and receive your unique affiliate details
Recommend: Bring new customers to MailBlue using your unique affiliate link. Earn: Receive your affiliate commission from us once per quarter.

Become a MailBlue Affiliate and start promoting today!

Read the affiliate terms


The MailBlue Affiliate Program is for anyone who believes in our software and wants to recommend it to their network, regardless of their personal background or location.

No, that’s not necessary. You can promote MailBlue even without having your own business.

Of course, it’s useful to have knowledge of MailBlue when recommending our software to your network. However, it’s not necessary to have a paid subscription yourself. A trial account gives you access to our portal environment, from where you can request your affiliate details.

No, it’s not necessary. You decide how to recommend MailBlue to your audience. This can be through a website, but also through other online media or even during a physical sales conversation. The only important thing is that you have the opportunity to share your affiliate link.

Of course. Why make it difficult when we can work together? From your personal affiliate dashboard, you have access to a folder with promotional materials. Feel free to use these for your affiliate activities.

Absolutely! You know your audience best and know what works to convince them. Among our promotional materials, you’ll find everything you need to create your own content. When creating this content, we do ask you to uphold our brand guidelines. If you have any doubts or special requests, please feel free to contact us.

That’s possible! As a MailBlue affiliate, you qualify for this when you’ve referred 10 (or more) customers. Of course, we’ll inform you when this number is reached. At that point, we’d be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

For all inquiries regarding the MailBlue Affiliate Program, you can reach out to the MailBlue Partner team at If you have questions about processes within your own MailBlue account, our support experts are available to assist you at

You’ve received your unique affiliate link for this purpose! Share it with everyone in your network who is considering using MailBlue. Through your affiliate link, they can sign up for a free trial account. If they eventually subscribe to a paid plan, the subscription will be linked to your affiliate data, and we can allocate the commission accordingly

As a MailBlue affiliate, you receive a 35% commission on the subscription fees of customers you refer for a period of 12 months. The commission you receive depends on the subscription plan your referrals chooses.

All affiliate commissions are paid out in the first month of each quarter. There is a minimum payout threshold of €50. If the commission amount is lower, it will be accumulated until the threshold of €50 is reached. Only approved referred customers will be paid out.

You can find the affiliate terms and conditions via the link below.