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The power of SMS marketing

When reading emails, users choose their own moment to do so, but SMS messages are displayed directly on their mobile phones. This makes them perfect for sending your most important marketing messages. Think, for example, of reminders for a big sale or an abandoned shopping cart.

While emails sometimes go unread, SMS messages perform remarkably well with an average open rate of 95%! SMS marketing can be sent completely automated, personalized, and targeted, increasing the chance of conversion even further. Your message is delivered directly to the reader, without other apps or social media algorithms getting in the way. Quite handy, those “old-fashioned” SMS messages!

Eat, sleep, automate, repeat!

Sending SMS messages can also be completely automated with MailBlue. “But how do I do this?” you might be wondering.

You can specify exactly when an SMS should be sent to contacts within your automations. With just 2 clicks, you choose a condition and add the action to your automation. This ensures that your contacts receive only information that really matters to them. Completely automated and sent at the right moment in the customer journey.

How to use SMS marketing?

All you need to start SMS marketing is a MailBlue account and the phone numbers of your contacts. Have you collected these through a form, for example? Great! You can use the phone number directly to send SMS messages. You just need to purchase your SMS credits and add the SMS block to your automation. Let’s aim for that impressive 95% open rate!

Purchase your SMS credits with MailBlue and opt for the most cost-effective credits in the industry, starting from just €0.065 per SMS.

Hoe zet ik sms-marketing slim in?

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Product notifications

Do you have popular items that often sell out? Give your customers a heads-up with a simple SMS and notify them immediately when their favorite item is back in stock. Personalize it even further by sending notifications only about items they have requested themselves.

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Discount promotions

Whether it’s a big Summer Sale or a discount voucher for a specific product, you want to announce promotions like these as quickly as possible. Bring your promotions to the attention of your audience rapidly with an SMS message. Reach your target audience directly and effectively.

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Appointment info

Reduce no-shows by sending appointment confirmations via SMS. After making a booking, the contact receives both an email and an SMS containing the essential information, including the date and time.

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Abandoned carts

Has your lead filled their shopping cart but not checked out? Send a friendly SMS reminder to remind them of their almost-purchase and encourage them to return and complete the order.

Let’s talk facts

SMS messages are opened by an average of 95% of recipients.

Generally, 93% of recipients read the SMS within 5 minutes.

Contacts prefer SMS messages for push notifications and appointment reminders.

Research shows that the combination of SMS and email (especially for important messages) is well-received.

The average click-through rate (how often recipients click through) of SMS messages is 19%.

SMS messages serving as appointment reminders result in 70% fewer missed appointments.

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