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MailBlue Experience

Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized assistance, ensuring you have the guidance and expertise you need to improve lifetime value of your customers.

GDPR Proof

As a Europe-based company, we prioritize data privacy and security, ensuring full GDPR compliance to protect customer data and maintain regulatory compliance.

Available in 20+ languages 🌎

Use MailBlue in your preferred language. MailBlue is available in English, Danish, Finnish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and more…

Save time with powerful & smart automations

Thanks to smart automations, you can send personalized newsletters and follow-up emails without manual hassle. This provides contacts with better customer experiences and saves you a lot of time. Win-win!


Automation templates

Integrate your favorite tools

Over 200 automation recipes
ready for you to use right away.

Over 850 integrations to reach your contacts even more effectively.

Create beautiful campaigns with our drag-and-drop campaign builder

You easily create your newsletters and campaigns without the need for coding knowledge. Simply drag and drop the desired content block into your email. This way, you can build your next newsletter in no time.


Email templates

Generate AI text

Over 150 automation recipes
ready for you to use right away.

No inspiration? No problem.
With our AI functionality, you can write your campaigns in no time.

Combine marketing & sales with the MailBlue CRM system

With the MailBlue CRM system, you can easily gather all your customer data in one system and have your marketing and sales processes in one place. This creates synergy within the organization.


Lead scoring

Synchronize your inbox

Keep track of leads, automatically
and accurately.

All your customer interactions
neatly displayed in one system.

Create beautifull landing pages with ease

Create a specific, standalone page to guide your contacts in the right direction and prompt them to take the desired action. Easy to design and highly effective.

Target the right audience with every campaign

With MailBlue’s segmentation options, you can differentiate based on interests, allowing you to serve the right content to the right contacts at the right time.

Higher conversion due to personalized campaigns

Essential data like first names and dates are automatically integrated, effortlessly elevating the personalization of your campaigns.

Integrate your favorite tools to enrich customer profiles

Integrate external tools from your tool stack to add valuable data to customer profiles, allowing you to use your (email) marketing even more effectively.

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Happy to help

Extensive knowledge base

With our extensive knowledge base, we ensure that your questions about the software’s features are addressed, allowing you to proceed smoothly!

Outstanding support

Our Support Team is here to assist you as quickly as possible, whether you have a subscription or a trial account.

Personalized advice

Looking to enhance your email marketing? We’re here to help! Let’s brainstorm strategies or handle the execution together. Let’s get in touch!

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