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Direct integration

With Stripe, you can quickly set up international payment solutions to sell your products. By integrating Stripe with MailBlue, collecting data becomes straightforward, and allows you to follow up your customers fully automated.

Increase your conversion

Get started with Stripe’s 100+ smart payment solutions and effortlessly increase the conversion of your (potential) customers. Personalized payment pages, based on the country, and ‘one-click’ payments simplify the purchasing process and result in higher conversions. By integrating Stripe with MailBlue, you easily ensure that no valuable customer information is lost.

Optimize your customer journey

Integrate Stripe with MailBlue and automatically send an email when a payment is completed. Easily transform customers into fans by following them up personally, based on purchase information. Personalized follow-up enhances customer satisfaction and thus positively impacts your customer journey.

Stimulate repeat purchases

Customers are ‘hot leads’ for your business, which is why it’s essential to stay in contact with them. By building a personal connection and gathering additional information, you can follow up with your customers effectively. With MailBlue you can easily send offers for related products, encouraging repeat purchases.

Connect Stripe with MailBlue

Time is money, and that’s why at MailBlue we understand that you want to offer your products and services without a significant time investment. Our integration aims to help you achieve and automate these processes effortlessly.

👉 Focused on purchases with a subscription structure

👉 Automatically welcome new customers

👉 Automatically prompt customers for feedback based on payment actions

You can also use one of the following third-party integrations to connect MailBlue with Stripe: