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Social media platforms like Instagram are, due to their accessibility, valuable platforms to connect with potential leads and customers By integrating your Instagram account with MailBlue, you gather data from your new leads effectively, and efficiently. Take your business to the next level by fully automating the follow-up process with these leads, transforming them into customers.

Integrate Instagram with MailBlue and grow your business today!

Easily expand your reach

Expand your reach effectively by growing your MailBlue mailing list with leads from Instagram. Then, personally follow up with these leads using MailBlue, based on collected data and online behavior. By being active on multiple channels, you easily increase your visibility and thus the reach of your business.

Convert leads into customers

By combining the powers of Instagram and MailBlue, you can automate the conversion of your leads into paying customers in no time. Through actively generating leads via Facebook, and following up via MailBlue, you effortlessly grow your mailing list and increase the likelihood of a consistent increase in your revenue. 

Connect Instagram with MailBlue

Without leads and customers, it’s impossible for a business to grow. Whether you manage an online store, own a gym, or work for a charity, leads are the driving force for further development.

👉 Follow up with leads in a targeted and automated manner

👉 Expand the reach of your mailing list

👉 Notify your contacts whenever a new post is made on Instagram