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Direct integration

Easily increase the revenue of your webshop by integrating WooCommerce with MailBlue. Get started with sales follow-ups, upsells, and personalized offers to grow your webshop.

With WooCommerce, you can effortlessly create a powerful webshop to sell your products. By integrating your WooCommerce environment with MailBlue, you can automatically showcase these products to your mailing list and follow up with buyers personally.

Keep in touch with your customers

Stay in regular contact with your Magento customers by using the email functionalities of MailBlue. By keeping in touch regularly, you stay top of mind your target audience, encourage repeat purchases, and easily optimize the average customer value.

Send personalized emails to customers using MailBlue, based on their activities and purchasing behavior in your WooCommerce webshop. For example, target abandoned carts with special offers or focus on reactivating inactive customers. By taking the first step, you increase the chance of repeat purchases.

Follow up your customers automatically

Follow up with Magento customers personally via MailBlue with additional product information after a purchase, offer unique deals, or provide additional advice on interesting product categories. By automating your sales processes in MailBlue, you achieve higher revenue and strengthen customer loyalty without repeatedly needing to invest time.

Build trust and lotalty

Reward the most loyal WooCommerce customers for their engagement and naturally transform them into ambassadors of your business. By segmenting your MailBlue mailing list, you can easily identify who your most valuable customers are. Show your appreciation for them and build a strong customer base.

Connect WooCommerce with a MailBlue Plus or Professional plan.

This integration is particularly suitable for synchronizing and segmenting based on order data. Think of aspects such as the total number of orders, the total value of the order, and setting up abandoned cart automations.

👉 Follow up with customers after purchase

👉 Segment based on order data

👉 Follow up on abandoned shopping carts

👉 Send exclusive offers

👉 Stay in touch with your customers

You can also use one of the following third-party integrations to connect MailBlue with WooCommerce: