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Direct integration

With Huddle, you can effortlessly create valuable digital lesson programs based on your expertise. By integrating your Huddle account with MailBlue, you can automatically promote and sell these lessons to your mailing list.

By combining the powers of Huddle and MailBlue, you can start generating income from your passion without any technical skills.

Personalize the learning experience​

Use contact data from MailBlue to send personalized emails and effectively promote your digital Huddle programs. The better the course material aligns with the needs and interests of your potential buyer, the greater the chance of a sale. Once someone engages with the lesson program, a personal progress indicator shows where a user has left off.

Create engagement and communities

Strengthen the connection with your target audience by involving them in an interactive digital community in Huddle. Automatically add them to your Huddle ‘boards’ from MailBlue, or invite them via email to Huddle groups to generate engagement. Additionally, Huddle also offers the option of ‘Gamification’, which encourages engagement and interaction in your digital community through a points system. You can then personally follow up with the most engaged individuals from MailBlue.

Generate passive income

Focus on generating additional revenue by offering complementary lesson programs. When someone is added from MailBlue to lesson program X, it’s valuable to recommend lesson program Y after some time. By having both programs complement each other, this will generate more interest, eventually leading to a purchase.  This process can be fully automated using MailBlue.

Connect Huddle with MailBlue

At MailBlue, we understand that you want to share your knowledge and expertise in an efficient way. The integration between Huddle and MailBlue can help you with this.

👉 Automatically create a user account in Huddle

👉 Easily determine which components a contact can or cannot access

👉 Easy to link with webhooks

You can also use one of the following third-party integrations to connect MailBlue with Huddle:​